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We have envisioned that through our people, service and innovation, we here at MD Provodores strive to be the natural choice in fresh produce. Servicing Sydney’s restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs and cafes 6 days a week, our fruit and vegetables are sourced daily, as we work closely with local growers to ensure only freshness and quality is delivered to our clients. Ever since the beginning in 2004, we have taken it personal and made sure that our customers satisfaction is our daily mandate.

We believe in outstanding customer service and strive in building a support system that will add value to the customers, focusing on innovative and exceptional ways to enhance your experience here at MD Provodores.

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Mouhamad Dib

As the son of migrant Australians, Mouhamad Dib represents a wonderful example of modern Australia.

Starting this business with no more than a dream, Mouhamad had a vision to supply people with the best possible fresh food. From the outset, his philosophy was simple; everything about his business had to meet a benchmark of excellence, whether in food quality, customer service or price.

As with all dreams, the early road was difficult but he persisted when others would have given up. Located in the heart of the Sydney Markets, he found customers willing to give his business ago, people who also believed in the importance of excellence for their own customers.

MD provodores has developed a reputation as one of the premier suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables across the city, supplying restaurants, cafes, aged care and sports teams.

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